Blackonwhite_TransparentWhat I’m Using:
YM-5100A 5-Octave Marimba
YV-3710M Vibraphone
YX-350 Xylophone
GSM-1465 Grand Symphonic Maple Snare Drum
YG-2500 Pedal Glockenspiel
CT-8XXB Concert Toms
Club Custom Drum Set
Recording Custom Drum Set

zildjianWhat I’m Using (some of the favorites):

22″ K Custom Dark Complex Ride
21″ K Custom Left Side Ride
21″ K Custom Special Dry Ride
19″ K Constantinople Crash/Ride
K Custom Dark Crashes (15″, 17″, 18″)
13″ K Mastersound Hi-Hats
13″ K/Z Hi-Hats
8″ K Splash
11″ Trash Splash
17″ K Constantinople Suspended
16″ Orchestral Suspended

vicfirthI use dozens of VF sticks and mallets – a few of my favorites are:
Drum Set: American Jazz AJ5, American Classic Extreme 8D
Brushes: Heritage Brush HB, Steve Smith Tala Wand TW12
Concert Snare: STG2 Tim Genis Leggiero
Marimba: Robert Van Sice Series
Vibes: Contemporary Series, Gary Burton M25
Timpani: European Classic Series

remologoWhat I’m Using:

Snare Batters: Skyntone or Coated Ambassador
Snare Sides: Ambassador, Diplomat, or Renaissance Snare Side
Tom Batters: Renaissance Ambassador Batter
Tom Resonants: Clear Ambassador
Bass Drums (concert): Nuskyn
Bass Drums (set): Renaissance Powerstroke 3
Timpani: Renaissance Hazy


What I’m Using:
California Series Congas
Ultimate Conga Cradle
California Series Bongos
3 Series Low Bongo Stand
Alex Acuña Special Edition Cajón
Timbero Series Cowbells
Lots of shakers, etc.

What I’m Using:
Pro 1 Series Cajón Bag
Pro 1 Series Cymbal Bag
Pro 1 Series Hardware Bag
Pro 1 Series Conga Bags
Pro 1 Series Bongo Bag
Pro 1 Series Stick Bag
Beato Drum Bed

What I’m Using:
TC-1 Tambourine
AT6 triangle
AT8 triangle
Woodblock Set
PCC3-RW rosewood castanets
TCR tambourine cradle
MLEG3 bass drum multilegs