Symphony for Nature: The Britt Orchestra at Crater Lake
Michael Gordon – Natural History

PBS – SOPTV (2018)

When classical musicians are joined by Klamath drummers for an extraordinary world premiere inspired by Oregon’s breathtaking Crater Lake, deep connections between people, art and nature are revealed in an environment rich with historic and spiritual significance.

This new half-hour documentary artfully portrays the world premiere of Natural History, the powerful composition by Michael Gordon inspired by and performed at the edge of legendary Crater Lake. The original score, commissioned by the Britt Music & Arts Festival in honor of the centennial of America’s National Park Service, brought members of the Britt Orchestra together with a diverse ensemble of musicians, including the Klamath tribe family drum group Steiger Butte Singers, regional choristers, brass and percussionists, led by charismatic conductor Teddy Abrams.

Britt Orchestra featuring Steiger Butte Drum and Singers
Michael Gordon – Natural History
Cantaloupe Music CA21138 (2018)

When Michael Gordon was approached to compose his epic, inspirational work Natural History, he had one question to answer: If Oregon’s Crater Lake National Park were a symphony, what would it sound like? Conducted by Teddy Abrams and performed by the Britt Orchestra with members of the Klamath Tribe’s percussion group Steiger Butte Drum and Singers, Natural History stands tall as a celebration of the park’s natural wonders, as well as a conduit to the spiritual history of the surrounding community.

Natural History was commissioned by the Britt Music & Arts Festival to commemorate the centennial of the National Parks Service, and was performed on August 20, 2016 at the Britt Pavilion in Jacksonville, Oregon. As Gordon describes it in the short documentary film Symphony for Nature (directed by Anne Flatté and airing on select PBS stations): “Originally it was for an orchestra of 40 musicians, which is already a lot of people, but the plans for the piece kept growing. We added a chorus, and then [Britt] put me in touch with the Klamath Tribe, so now we have this project with a lot of forces working together.”

Southern Oregon University Percussion Ensemble
Mark Applebaum – Speed Dating (2018)
innova recordings 996

The SOU Percussion Ensemble performs Applebaum’s Clicktrack, the final track on the recording. Applebaum writes, “As its name suggests, Clicktrack is an unconducted work that employs click tracks in order to direct the players’ rhythms. Twelve percussionists are divided into three quartets, each player following his or her own click track on headphones.

The click tracks in this piece have four noteworthy qualities: (1) They are made of recited text (as opposed to mere clicks or regular beats); (2) They are recorded in advance by the members of each ensemble (as opposed to being supplied by the composer—thereby affording unique, personalized characters); (3) They are individual to each of the three quartets; and (4) Their content is made up of recordings of each player reciting a poem, a sonnet by flarf poet K. Silem Mohammad. When various words in the poem are heard, the players execute quiet musical articulations at the corresponding moment.

The sounds tend toward the noisy: sandpaper scratches, paper crinkles, ballpoint pen clicks, tin can clunks, stone thuds, coin tinkles, duct tape tears, slide whistle sighs, bird call squeaks, glass bottle plinks, bubble wrap crackles, and the like. Sometimes more conventional percussion instruments are used, such as triangles, woodblocks, cowbells, and even music boxes. And, on occasion, the players are called upon to whisper, speak, or sing individual words from the poem.

Mohammad’s sonnets—which he calls sonnagrams—are anagrams of Shakespeare sonnets. In this case, the sonnagram is a rearrangement of the letters in Shakespeare’s Sonnet 3 (Look in thy glass, and tell the face thou viewest). The composer gratefully acknowledges the author’s generous permission to employ his text in this composition. Clicktrack was commissioned by the University of Wisconsin, River Falls for its 49th Annual Commissioned Composer Project, with great thanks to Patti Cudd. Thanks also to Terry Longshore and his Southern Oregon University Percussion Ensemble for their splendid recording of the piece.”

Check out audio on the innova website:

Caballito Negro
Songlines (2016)
CDBaby 190394218058

Songlines is Caballito Negro’s first recording, an EP released (via CDBaby) in conjunction with its Pacific Northwest Tour and Britt Music & Arts Festival Residency in Spring 2016. The EP is a recording of three compositions from Caballito Negro’s touring concert program: David P. Jones’ Music For South Africa, William Kraft’s Encounters XVI and This Is Like Jazz! by Ivan Trevino.

Preview and/or purchase at the link below, or through iTunes, Spotify, Amazon, and all major music online retailers. (For best sound – listen with good headphones/speakers with full bass sound.)

30SOU Percussion Ensembles
Mark Applebaum – 30 (2015)
innova 928

The complete recording of Mark Applebaum’s 30, three intersecting, ten-minute long pieces that can be played separately or simultaneously:

The First Decade (for percussion solo)
The Second Decade (for percussion quartet)
The Third Decade (for percussion septet)

This recording presents all seven of the possible combinations performed by Terry Longshore, soloist; the Southern Oregon University Percussion Ensemble, quartet and septet; and conducted by Bryan Jeffs.

Check out audio at the Innova website:

electric-rebel-poetrySouthern Oregon University Percussion Ensembles
electric rebel poetry (2015)
Featuring six premiere recordings by the SOU Percussion Ensembles, Terry Longshore, director. The CD features:

The Rebel Frog Goes Dancing – Bryan Jeffs
30 – Mark Applebaum
(De/Con)struction in Steel and Electricity – Colin Malloy
Yume no Wa – Hikaru Sawai – arr. Colin Malloy
The Third Decade – Mark Applebaum
Sex, Drugs, and Poetry – Jeff Richmond

CD artwork by Greg Martin

[soundcloud url=”″ params=”color=0066cc&auto_play=false&hide_related=false&show_comments=true&show_user=true&show_reposts=false” width=”100%” height=”166″ iframe=”true” /]

[soundcloud url=”″ params=”color=0066cc&auto_play=false&hide_related=false&show_comments=true&show_user=true&show_reposts=false” width=”100%” height=”166″ iframe=”true” /]

DarolAngerEmyPhelps-Rippledarol anger & emy phelps
ripple (2014)
a beautiful arrangement of the grateful dead classic by multi-string master darol anger and fabulous vocalist emy phelps. i had a blast recording the tabla track for this – and some bowed crotale notes for a few spots.
listen to and download ripple here at cdbaby – only $1!

darol’s and emy’s website

sun gunseaons
sun gun (2013)
awesome album by fantastic southern oregon band led by my former student, sean siders
congas & maracas on title track
listen to tracks and purchase on seaons’ bandcamp page

check out seaons web site

scoggindavid scoggin
pan’s meadow (2013)
tabla on 2 tracks
artwing records

la alma coversouthern oregon university percussion ensembles
la alma del árbol: the soul of the tree (2012)
premiere recordings of chris burton jacome’s la alma del árbol, la resonancia de una rama and bryan jeffs’ a maroon hog’s rebel frog
also music by alport mhlanga/musasa marimba ensemble, christopher deane, nigel westlake, and peter garland

cd artwork by greg martin

check out our cd site to listen to excerpts from the entire album!
sou percussion

DuoFlamencoVerdeCOVER-sqdúo flamenco
verde (2011)
percussion & vocals along with guitarist/vocalist grant ruiz
df 101

cd artwork by bruce bayard 

check out our cd site to listen to excerpts from the entire album!

markapplebaum-metaphysicsmark applebaum
the metaphysics of notation (2010)
dvd of museum-scale graphic musical work by stanford university composer mark applebaum which was performed 45 times over 11 months. “metaphysics mix” is mix of one-minute excerpts of those 45 performances, including one by t2 (todd barton and terry longshore).
innova 787

stansellles stansell
a guitar makers path (2010)
An 18-minute documentary on building a Flamenco Guitar from start to finish. Shown at both the Ashland and Port Townsend Film Festivals. Includes soundtrack and music video by Dúo Flamenco.

sock_monkeymark applebaum
sock monkey (2008)
music by stanford university composer mark applebaum
theme in search of variations i
innova 706

excerpt of theme in search of variations i:

kraftcdwilliam kraft
an encounter with the music of william kraft (2008)
encounters xii (with Jeffrey Parsons, harp) and kandinsky variations (with Todd Barton, EVI)
albany troy981

excerpt of encounters xii:

about-timebrett ee paschal
about time (2008)
solo percussion recording by brett ee paschal featuring my solo piece, crash
east2west studios

excerpt of crash:

remember-who-you-arebecky durango
remember who you are (2008)
tabla on 2 tracks
morningstar durango unlimited

Music from Stanford
<541> Volume 2 (2007)
innova 658

Music from Stanford composers. I appear on Christopher Trebue Moore’s Parallax.

xenakisred fish blue fish/steven schick
xenakis: percussion works (2006)
seminal percussion works by composer iannis xenakis
performed by university of california, san diego percussion ensemble red fish blue fish and steven schick

mode 171/173

asylummark applebaum
asylum (2006)
music by stanford university composer mark applebaum…skin & bones performs go, dog. go!
innova 666

excerpt of go, dog. go!:

emyemy phelps
as it should be (2006)
bodhrán on all falls down
sweet mercy records smr-001

excerpt of all falls down:

disciplinesmark applebaum
disciplines (2004)
music by stanford university composer mark applebaum…solo vibraphone on entre funérailles ii
innova 628

excerpt of entre funérailles ii:

martianmark applebaum
martian anthropology (2004)
music by stanford university composer mark applebaum…percussion on triple concerto
innova 617

excerpt of triple concerto:

akashdavid akash & terry longshore
live in concert (2004)
classical and folk music of india
david akash
david akash web site

excerpt of southwind (dadra tala):

catfishmark applebaum
catfish (2003)
music by stanford university composer mark applebaum…skins on title track, along with brett reed & aiyun huang
tzadik tz7094

excerpt of catfish:

int_propmark applebaum
intellectual property (2003)
electro-acoustic music by stanford university composer mark applebaum…percussion on plundergraphic
innova 602

excerpt of plundergraphic:

you own me (2001)
pop group glyde led by drummer extraordinaire shawn glyde…dumbek track on you own me
glyde music group

excerpt of you own me:

first_takechris klich
the first take (2000)
recording of jazz standards where i played non-standard instruments for jazz such as cardboard box and djembe. also features mark applebaum on piano.
gleegafex records

excerpt of footprints:

amer_istanbuledward j. hines
an american in istanbul (1999)
performance of yeni makam 4 for clarinet (patrick o’keefe) and percussion based on turkish classical and folk music.
edward hines music ehm-7799

excerpt of yeni makam 4:

transformationsalison j. luedecke
transformations: music for organ and other instruments (1999)
music for organ and percussion by sir arthur bliss
world library publications, 3070

excerpt of bliss:

janusmark applebaum
the janus remixes: exercises in auto-plundering (1999)
performed in original recording of mark’s triple concerto, which is used as source material here for the remixed triple remix
innova recordings, 532

excerpt of triple remix:

art_roomshawn glyde
art room (1998)
great album by fantastic drummer shawn glyde featuring john patitucci and mingo lewis. i played tabla and slit-drum tracks on feeling hypnotic.
wired records, art7007

excerpt of feeling hypnotic:

apt_pupilapt pupil: original motion picture soundtrack (1998)
music by larry groupé/john ottman
cd issue of soundtrack session for steven king film
rca victor, 09026-63319-2

interregnamark osborn
interregna (1998)
recording of mark’s interregna with percussion sextet red fish blue fish
axi, acd9118

excerpt of Interregna:

boomskin & bones
boom (1997)
the first cd release of my percussion duo. trademark grooves, polyrhythms, interlocking melodies, and scads of instruments…
skin & bones music

excerpt of title track, Boom:

wrigglexrandi driscoll
wriggle (1996)
first cd by dynamite singer/songwriter randi driscoll and guitarist paul abbott…drums and percussion on whole album…also features brett reed on percussion
pablo el diablo music/swim swam swum music

excerpt of Stussy’s Groove:

art_tabla_soloarup chatterjee
the art of tabla solo (1998)
tanpura for arupji’s first solo tabla recording
soundings recordings, sr109