Symphony for Nature: The Britt Orchestra at Crater Lake
Michael Gordon – Natural History

PBS – SOPTV (2018)

When classical musicians are joined by Klamath drummers for an extraordinary world premiere inspired by Oregon’s breathtaking Crater Lake, deep connections between people, art and nature are revealed in an environment rich with historic and spiritual significance.

This new half-hour documentary artfully portrays the world premiere of Natural History, the powerful composition by Michael Gordon inspired by and performed at the edge of legendary Crater Lake. The original score, commissioned by the Britt Music & Arts Festival in honor of the centennial of America’s National Park Service, brought members of the Britt Orchestra together with a diverse ensemble of musicians, including the Klamath tribe family drum group Steiger Butte Singers, regional choristers, brass and percussionists, led by charismatic conductor Teddy Abrams.

In 2015 composer Ivan Trevino was invited by the US State Department to perform and teach music for a week in Turkmenistan, with his cello-rock band, Break of Reality. Ivan wrote This is Like Jazz! as a response to hearing the rhythmic and metric complexities of traditional Turkmen music, and to time spent with young Turkmen musicians, who were not used to improvising. The contrabass flute grooves in a lyrical conversation with the marimba and spoken word, creating a narrative of Trevino’s time in Turkmenistan.  Commissioned by Caballito Negro, This Is Like Jazz! is a co-commission with Joe Perez, Ben Prima/Cathie Apple (Citywater), Dwayne Corbin/Ruth Polcari (Simpson University), Shane Reeves, and Tomm Roland/Christine Beard (Zephyrus).

Erik Griswold‘s Strings Attached, performed by Left Edge Percussion – resident percussion group at the Oregon Center for the Arts at Southern Oregon University. Recorded in the SOU Music Recital Hall by the Digital Media Center @ Southern Oregon University.

Bryan JeffsThe Shady Lady and the Rebel Frog, the latest work in his Rebel Frog series, performed by the Southern Oregon University Percussion Ensemble, featuring Tessa Brinckman on piccolo as the Shady Lady. Recorded at the Digital Media Center @ Southern Oregon University with audio by Oregon Sound Recording.

Video of our performance of our collaborative work, Penumbra, in Montreal at the 2015 Transplanted Roots: Percussion Research Symposium.

Penumbra from David Bithell on Vimeo.

World premiere of “Penumbra” by David Bithell and Terry Longshore. May 19, 2014 @ the Schneider Museum of Art as a part of the Oregon Fringe Festival.

30 from Mark Applebaum on Vimeo.

The premiere performance of “30” by Mark Applebaum. Performed by Terry Longshore and the Southern Oregon University Percussion Ensemble. “30” consists of three simultaneous autonomous pieces (which may be played individually or together): “The First Decade” for solo percussion; “The Second Decade” for percussion quartet; and “The Third Decade” for percussion septet.

Concerto for Florist and Ensemble from Mark Applebaum on Vimeo.

By Mark Applebaum (2009)
Performance at the Cantor Arts Center, Stanford University, May 15, 2009.
James DelPrince, performance florist
Jane Rigler, flutes
Scott Rosenberg, saxophones
Brian McWhorter, trumpet
Mark Dresser, contrabass
Terry Longshore & Steven Schick, percussion
Mark Applebaum & Tom Nunn, sound-sculptures
The performance begins at 1:11 and is 50 minutes in length.
Bonus footage appears at 52:50.
Film footage edited by Constantin Basica.

Theme in Search of Variations I from Mark Applebaum on Vimeo.

A live performance of Mark Applebaum’s “Theme in Search of Variations I” for percussion trio by Compás – Terry Longshore, Bryan Jeffs, and Jacob Phelps-Ransom.

The SOU Percussion Ensemble premieres The Rebel Frog Goes Dancing, a new piece by SOU percussion instructor Bryan Jeffs.

Trumpet soloist – Jeff Richmond

Part of SOU’s winter 2014 percussion concert: Sing Softly and Carry a Big Stick.

The Southern Oregon University Percussion Ensemble with special guest SOU Chamber Choir premiere Jeff Richmond’s The Burden to Inspire Joy.

The SOU Percussion Ensemble giving the second performance of ensemble member Colin Malloy’s award winning composition (De/Con)struction in Steel and Electricity.

Part of the concert: Ionisation – (De/Con)struction
June 5, 2014
Terry Longshore, artistic director

Tom Berich, double seconds
Jeffrey Kolega, drums

40 Cryptograms from Mark Applebaum on Vimeo.

An interpretation of Mark Applebaum’s graphic score “40 Cryptograms” by the Southern Oregon University Percussion Ensemble.