Concerto for Florist and Ensemble from Mark Applebaum on Vimeo.

By Mark Applebaum (2009)
Performance at the Cantor Arts Center, Stanford University, May 15, 2009.
James DelPrince, performance florist
Jane Rigler, flutes
Scott Rosenberg, saxophones
Brian McWhorter, trumpet
Mark Dresser, contrabass
Terry Longshore & Steven Schick, percussion
Mark Applebaum & Tom Nunn, sound-sculptures
The performance begins at 1:11 and is 50 minutes in length.
Bonus footage appears at 52:50.
Film footage edited by Constantin Basica.

remologoWhat I’m Using:

Snare Batters: Skyntone or Coated Ambassador
Snare Sides: Ambassador, Diplomat, or Renaissance Snare Side
Tom Batters: Renaissance Ambassador Batter
Tom Resonants: Clear Ambassador
Bass Drums (concert): Nuskyn
Bass Drums (set): Renaissance Powerstroke 3
Timpani: Renaissance Hazy


duo-flamencoDúo Flamenco formed in 2007 out of a mutual passion for the art form of flamenco. Inspired by the sounds of Andalucía – the colorful province of southern Spain – the duo presents a dynamic combination of guitar, voice and rhythm. With Grant Ruiz on vocals and guitar and Terry Longshore on cajón (box drum), other percussion and vocals, the duo takes the audience on a journey through orange groves and olive orchards; arid, sun-drenched mountain plateaus; caves filled with gypsy passion; tiled courtyards with elegant, whispering fountains; and a history flowing with ecstasy and anguish. The natural sounds of voice and wood evoke times past when people sang their lives because they dared not speak of them openly.

Originally versed in several other styles of music both domestic and international, Terry and Grant were drawn to flamenco because of its fiery sound and driving pulse. Together they explore the range of emotion that flamenco provides in its music, from lyrical ballads to playful rumbas to the deepest of laments. This is truly music of the soul, but with a serious groove. The language of the cante (song) is Spanish, but you don’t need to speak it to feel the emotion behind it. And the audience is part of the performance in flamenco. As the performers reach for duende, a state of truth and inspiration, the audience is invited to reach with them, shouting out their approval and encouragement: “¡Olé!”

Click here to visit the Dúo Flamenco website!

What I’m Using:
California Series Congas
Ultimate Conga Cradle
California Series Bongos
3 Series Low Bongo Stand
Alex Acuña Special Edition Cajón
Timbero Series Cowbells
Lots of shakers, etc.

What I’m Using:
Pro 1 Series Cajón Bag
Pro 1 Series Cymbal Bag
Pro 1 Series Hardware Bag
Pro 1 Series Conga Bags
Pro 1 Series Bongo Bag
Pro 1 Series Stick Bag
Beato Drum Bed

interregnamark osborn
interregna (1998)
recording of mark’s interregna with percussion sextet red fish blue fish
axi, acd9118

excerpt of Interregna: