transformationsalison j. luedecke
transformations: music for organ and other instruments (1999)
music for organ and percussion by sir arthur bliss
world library publications, 3070

excerpt of bliss:

janusmark applebaum
the janus remixes: exercises in auto-plundering (1999)
performed in original recording of mark’s triple concerto, which is used as source material here for the remixed triple remix
innova recordings, 532

excerpt of triple remix:

art_roomshawn glyde
art room (1998)
great album by fantastic drummer shawn glyde featuring john patitucci and mingo lewis. i played tabla and slit-drum tracks on feeling hypnotic.
wired records, art7007

excerpt of feeling hypnotic:

apt_pupilapt pupil: original motion picture soundtrack (1998)
music by larry groupé/john ottman
cd issue of soundtrack session for steven king film
rca victor, 09026-63319-2

interregnamark osborn
interregna (1998)
recording of mark’s interregna with percussion sextet red fish blue fish
axi, acd9118

excerpt of Interregna:

boomskin & bones
boom (1997)
the first cd release of my percussion duo. trademark grooves, polyrhythms, interlocking melodies, and scads of instruments…
skin & bones music

excerpt of title track, Boom:

wrigglexrandi driscoll
wriggle (1996)
first cd by dynamite singer/songwriter randi driscoll and guitarist paul abbott…drums and percussion on whole album…also features brett reed on percussion
pablo el diablo music/swim swam swum music

excerpt of Stussy’s Groove:

art_tabla_soloarup chatterjee
the art of tabla solo (1998)
tanpura for arupji’s first solo tabla recording
soundings recordings, sr109