World Premiere of Mark Applebaum’s “Composition Machine #1”

Photo: Greg Eliason

Photo: Greg Eliason

Friday, Oct. 31, 2014, 12:30pm
Ashland, Oregon
Southern Oregon University Music Recital Hall

I will give the world premiere of Mark’s new solo work which is co-commissioned by 62 performers around the world. A synopsis of Composition Machine #1 by Mark Applebaum:

The performance begins at stage right where the performer unfurls a scroll of pictographic notation and plays it according to a personal but predetermined interpretation system. The scroll is then ingloriously compacted and dropped onto an amplified table covered in paper at center stage. A miscellaneous bevy of prescribed objects is placed on the table and moved in given rhythmic fashion. At the conclusion of this ritual the outlines of the objects are traced on the paper in marker. This paper – a new scroll – is then taken to a stage left position where it is performed on different instruments but according to the same fastidious interpretation system. The piece concludes after the player has rolled up the scroll and deposited it at the original stage right position, conceptually preparing for a subsequent performance. This is a piece that produces its own score; as such, the performer will notice that rehearsals should commence with the objects on the table in order to produce a germinal score.

CM#1-1CM#1-2Here are a couple of pics of the table once the second section of the piece is completed, but not yet traced (note, these are from early practice sessions where no paper was placed on the table yet). Note some difference in the placement of the objects. Although I have memorized the action and rhythms of placing and moving the objects the table, I try to move them to a different location each time so the end product, the score, is a little different.

CM#1-3This is a picture of one of the early scores produced by tracing and then removing the objects (click picture to enlarge).